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Hitting the Same Ol’ Spots

Posted by Tom on August 30, 2008

As I’m sitting here, blogging and smoking my cigar, some crazy ass cougar is smoking American Spiritsand waxing drunk on politics, psychology and the boredom of living in DC. I made the mistake of mentioning that I live in New York. Apparently she did around 25 years ago. That lengthened an already boring conversation.


Apparently, we have entered the Age of Aquarius (this happened in 2000), and the assassination of John Lennon was orchestrated by the U.S. government. I’m sure she was hot when she lived in New York, but … yes … that was a long fucking time ago. Now, she looks tired. And, she has no sense of what is age appropriate. I was tempted to tell her that she’d like my father, but I don’t think his taste has fallen that much. I don’t want her to be my new mom, either.


I found myself regretting that I hadn’t put batteries in my audio recorder, because I really wanted to capture and publish every word this crazy-cougar-broad said. Seriously. She was out of her fucking mind. Her friends, she says, claim that she is one of the “pillars of light holding up this city [Washington, D.C.].”




Well, enough of that. My headline mentions something about the “same ol’ spots.” As I left the McPherson Square metro station, I saw a familiar sight. McPherson Square, I hadn’t realized at first, was where I waited before interviewing Phil Harvey, founder of Adam & Eve, and I hung out there later before my flight. Well, that’s what I saw as soon as I came out from underground! It was really cool. I took the picture (above) of this spot with my blackberry (and now use it as my device’s wallpaper).


One Response to “Hitting the Same Ol’ Spots”

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